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Nazdar History

Thrall Enterprises

Thrall Enterprises began operating as an independent company in 1972 and has grown organically and through acquisitions. The Company’s two main operating subsidiaries are Nazdar Company, which includes Nazdar Ltd. in the United Kingdom, and GSI Technologies, LLC. In addition to these three main operating subsidiaries, the Company’s investment portfolio consists of investments in real estate, marketable securities, and minority positions in other operating companies.

Nazdar Company

Nazdar was founded in 1922 in the back of a small store in Chicago. Nazdar's transformation from these humble beginnings to one of the world's leading manufacturers of screen printing, flexo and digital inks is the story of the emergence of the screen printing industry itself.

Throughout the 1930s to the 1950s, what was then Naz-Dar focused on developing new inks to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of screen printers. The growth of the plastics industry was a major factor in the expanded use of screen printing in the 50s and 60s. During this period the Company's first extensive R&D programs were established to keep pace with the rapidly increasing demand for higher performance screen printing products.

In the 1960s and 70s, relationships were established with the core of Nazdar's distribution network. Through this network Nazdar now serves the U.S. and international markets with distribution that brings Nazdar's family of imaging products to Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Nazdar Company was purchased by Thrall Enterprises, Inc. in 1977 and its headquarters moved to Shawnee, KS.

In 1982, Naz-Dar acquired KC Coatings. By combining the industry's most popular ink lines, most extensive distribution, and most advanced R&D capabilities under one name, the acquisition ensured that the new Naz-Dar/KC would always be at the forefront of innovative research and product development.

Anticipating the acceptance of digital technology in the screen printing market, in 1995, Nazdar established initiatives dedicated to serve the needs of the large format digital printing industry.

In 1997, Nazdar acquired the Canadian company, Ink Dezyne, and expanded the already successful development of digital inks

In 2005, Nazdar created two main operating divisions – Nazdar Ink Technologies and Nazdar SourceOne.

In 2006, Thrall Enterprises, Inc. acquired Lyson Ltd. in the United Kingdom and made this Digital Ink Manufacturer a part of Nazdar Ink Technologies under the name Nazdar Ltd. This acquisition provided a two-fold benefit by expanding the Company’s digital ink products as well as establishing a stronger distribution presence in the European markets.